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Product parameters

Features and Advantages: 

1. Compared with general flexitank, THERMOSTABLE FLEXITANK could withstand 60-90℃ filling temperature,more strong and durable.

2. The inner PE could be melted into bitumen, no damage to bitumen quality, environment friendly and convenient for operation.



Suitable for some liquid road bitumen and all kind of liquid cargo with high filling temperature


1. Before loading:

A. Pls choose the suitable pump according to the density & viscosity.For example.generally yje bitumen and RPO have high density ,so need use the pump with high power .

B. Pls make sure all accessories for loading can withstand high temperature at least 120-130℃.

2. After loading

A. Cool the cargo for several hours naturally.

B. Do not move or transport the container till the temperature of cargo cooled down to 60-70 ℃

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