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Product parameters


External dimensions with lid (L x W x H) : 45.25 in. x 45.25 in. x 47.7 in. ( 1150 x 1150 x 1210 mm) 

Contents capacity is for up to 264 Gallons : (1000 Ltr) 

Internal dimensions (L x W x H): 43 in. x 43 in. x 42 (1090 x 1090 x 1060 mm) 

Outer board type: High performance AA, Fluted structural type material Duaboard Heavy 

Inner board type: High performance CAA Flute material Powerply Heavy 

Cap/tray/corner supports: High Performance A Fluted Material 


Recommended Storage:

Temperature: 60 - 74°F (19 - 23°C) 

Humidity: 55 - 65% 



Corrugated cardboard must be protected from humidity of any kind, including rain, snow and condensed water, and extremely high relative air moist or humid conditions

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